National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF)

The Department of Health and Children through the Health Service Executive has introduced the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (NTPF). This Scheme should make long-term residential care services for older people:




The Nursing Homes Support Scheme will replace the current system of public nursing home charges and the private nursing home subvention scheme for new entrants to long-term residential care. Existing residents in long-term residential care prior to the “act” coming into force may remain under the old arrangements or choose to apply to the Nursing Homes Support Scheme.

The Role of the NTPF

The NTPF has been designated by the Minister for Health and Children under Section 40 of the Act as a body authorised to negotiate with proprietors of registered nursing homes to reach agreement in relation to the maximum price(s) that will be charged for the provision of long-term residential care services to Nursing Homes Support Scheme residents.

The NTPF will enter into “Approved Nursing Home Agreements” with registered private and voluntary nursing homes to record the maximum price(s) that have been negotiated. The NTPF will provide the HSE with the details of all Approved Nursing Home Agreements.

Further information about the Nursing Homes Support Scheme is available on the Department of Health and Children website.

And on the Health Service Executive’s website.