In this section, we aim to provide background information on our models of care as well as external links to organisations that you may find useful.

Over the last five to eight years, we have worked with organisations from the USA and UK to help us develop our Household Model of Care and our approach to dementia care.

Our Household Model of Care is informed by developments in Meadowlarke Action Pact HomepageHills in Kansas. As well as physically changing the layout of our centres, we have undertaken a culture change programme, which was supported by Action Pact based in Milwakee. For us, achieving a new culture of care comes from focussing on a model of emotional intelligence and emotional connections. To aid this approach some of our senior managers undertook intensive training in the USA and we also brought in expertise from the Action Pact team to assist us in our culture change journey.

DCM imageWith the Household Model of Care providing the framework for our care approach, we have also developed our approach to dementia care. We worked with Dementia Care Matters from the UK to help us develop the Butterfly Approach and Moorehall Lodge Ardee became the first Butterfly accredited centre in Ireland.

Finally, we provide links to our regulator HIQA; to Fair Deal which provides information on funding for nursing home care; and to the National Treatment Purchase Fund which negotiates bed prices for Fair Deal funding.

You can find more useful information and links on the following pages:

HIQA – The Health Information and Quality Authority

Fair Deal – The Nursing Homes Support Scheme Act

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