moorehall living partnerships

Moorehall Living partnerships: Moorehall Living has set up strategic partnerships which aim to assist us in improving the quality and scope of the services we provide.

Netwell Centre

Formed in July 2006 the aim of the Nestling Technology for Wellness Centre (Netwell) is to provide a regional centre of excellence for the applied research, development and exploitation of sensor, digital media and ICT technologies that support sustainable environments, enhancing the quality of life and well-being of older people living independently. The centre’s primary objectives are set out below:

Home-health Technologies – Develop the region’s applied research base for producing integrated well-being and health-related technologies and services for elderly citizens in their homes – including those with disabilities and cognitive impairment.

Local Schools

In both Moorehall Lodge Ardee and Drogheda we have active links with local schools at both primary and secondary level. A range of initiatives are undertaken including sudents from transition years supporting resdients with computer studies and art students developing street scapes.

Active Retirement Groups

We have well establisted links with local Active Retirements Groups.

Good Morning Louth

Is a telephone service for older people in county Louth. The main aim of Good Morning Louth is to ensure people are safe and well in their own homes, but it does more than that.

Ferdia House in Moorehall Lodge Retirement Village host this invaluable service, covering the Mid Louth region.

It allows people living on their own to have a line of communication with the local community. It means they are never alone. So very simplly though volunteers someone can wake up in the morning and get a phonecall asking if they are okay. A very important and often missing part of social support for older people living alone.