Welcome to Moorehall Living

Welcome to Moorehall Living

Moorehall Living means thriving in a place to call home and make your own – a wonderful family environment where the focus is on living life to the full.

For us, care is about creating an environment where you can flourish, connect to families, friends and your local community.

And, as in the best homes, our doors are always open so please stop by and visit us any time.



Our Vision

Moorehall Living is a vibrant provider of care chosen for excellence by providing a positive living & working experience in a place where people can flourish and call home.

Our Mission

We always aim to:

  • Deliver high quality services based on the Household Model
  • Develop and improve our care models and services
  • Create happy environments where people are treated as individuals and always listened to
  • Create a safe and secure environment where people are encouraged to live full lives
  • Employ and work in partnership with staff who are trustworthy, well-trained and respectful

Our Values


At Moorehall Living, we will always –

  • provide care that is of the highest quality and centres on the person
  • deliver care which is best practice and evidence based
  • listen to the views and opinions of clients, families and staff and consider them in how we plan and deliver our services


Through our compassionate care, we –

  • show respect, kindness, consideration and empathy in all aspects of what we do
  • are courteous and open in our communication with people and value them as a person
  • provide care with dignity and professionalism at all times


It’s important that at the centre of everything, we –

  • provide care in which people have trust and confidence
  • are open and transparent in how we provide care
  • show honesty, integrity, consistency and accountability in all that we do


It is our endeavour to –

  • foster learning, innovation and creativity
  • support and encourage our staff to achieve their full potential
  • acknowledge when something goes wrong, take responsibility, change and learn from it
  • live our values every day

Our Care Approach

Moorehall Living means thriving in a place to call home – a wonderful family environment where the focus is on living life to the full.

We provide a positive living experience for people in a place they can flourish and call home.

For us, care is always about a person’s right to a warm and loving home and a meaningful life, connected to families and friends.

We are a family group, and that ethos carries throughout our family of services. Our wonderful staff, most of whom have been with us for over a decade, believe, as we do, in the value of family.

Household Model of Care

What is the household model?

After researching the Household model in the USA, we established a new level of care that puts the needs of the resident at the centre of everything we do. This innovative and award winning approach led to a complete overhaul of our buildings and culture.

Moving away from more traditional task orientated approaches to care, we created flexibility in our approach taking away institutional routines and symbols, while still maintaining our excellent standards and professional practice.

Our Household Model of Care breaks down the traditional facility into households, each with their own front door for privacy, kitchen, living rooms, private bedrooms, comfortable dining rooms, private back gardens and plenty of extra spaces. Gone are the institutional ward type buildings and practices.

Our staff wear regular clothes. The households are furnished in comfortable homely décor, cosy sofas, and personal belongings. Our households smell like home, look like home and most importantly feel like home.

Everyone who lives here has the freedom to choose how their day goes; when to wash, when to get up, when to eat and how to spend their day.

Household life is “normal,” yet full of new experiences and stimulating activities.

Dementia Care

We are working with Dementia Care Matters to develop the highest standards of care available in Ireland, tailored to the specific needs of people living with dementia and their families.

About 40,000 individuals in Ireland have Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia with an increase in these numbers expected. These numbers represent huge numbers of families living in Ireland with loved ones who require special care.

Our specialist dementia care extends through our range of services at Drogheda, Ardee and Homecare.

In our specialist dementia care households in both Moorehall Lodge Ardee and Moorehall Lodge Drogheda, we provide specialist care to include activities for residents with dementia-related conditions.

We all live in the moment – moments matter. For everyone with or without dementia all we have is now. We cannot yet fix dementia as a condition but we can fix our approach. Showing people living with dementia that we know their feelings matter most can transform lives.

Being natural in dementia care involves flitting between people, being still, connecting, creating colour and changing moments, just like a butterfly. Our staff know in their heart that quality of life matters. They learn how to look, sound and feel like butterflies at work following the innovative Butterfly Approach. 

We are Ireland’s first accredited Butterfly Centre. We have been on this journey for a number of years and feel that we offer a unique model of care for people with dementia.

How we are managed

At Moorehall Living we prioritise excellence: in our care, in our staff, in our services and in our facilities. Our home from home philosophy is only possible because of our investment in our models of care, quality management systems and strategies. These systems and strategies are implemented at Household and Centre level and reviewed by our Senior Management Team. Our Board of Directors oversee the running of the organisation and monitor a range of performance indicators including clinical risk management, financial management and HR management.

Delivering Personalised Care

Through our individual Households, residents and their families are actively involved in establishing individualised and personalised care programmes. We carry out comprehensive assessments when a resident first comes to Moorehall Living so that we get to know the person, understand their needs and identify strengths to ensure a clients’ independence is maintained. By carrying out ongoing reviews we can ensure that changes in needs – however small – are identified promptly and addressed, always keeping the resident at the centre of everything we do..

Experienced, Highly-Trained Flexible Staff

We are committed to providing nothing short of exemplary care to our residents, therefore, we consistently work with experienced, flexible and highly-trained staff.

Residents benefit from our:

  • First-rate nursing, carer and homemaker experience and skills
  • Extensive clinical knowledge and competencies throughout our teams.
  • The continuing professional development of our staff
  • Strong, supportive and involved leadership at Household and Centre level.

Our caring and compassionate staff members are the keys to our services. Each team member carries the same values as the Moorehall Living ethos.

We’re also passionate about creating links within local areas. Our Community Partners help us to do that on a regular basis.